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Pharmapex Introduces Qualivita CQ10 to New Markets around the World

Pharmapex� USA, manufacturer and international supplier of health products announces the addition of Qualivita CQ10™ to its MegaFeed™ line of animal feed additives. Qualivita CQ10 has proven effective in the field and is currently available for sale and distribution in the Middle East and North Africa.


The MegaFeed line of products is manufactured by Pharmapex's Animal Health Department, which offers high-quality specialty products, including medicated feed, injectable medicine, and vaccines, for the animal health industry around the world. Products are specially formulated and customized to prevent and manage feed-related illnesses and complications for poultry, dairy and beef cattle, horses, sheep, swine and fish. All MegaFeed products are fully researched, certified, and accredited by laboratories in the United States including Romer Labs and Trilogy Analytical Laboratories. Ingredients are approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). 




Pharmapex's Microencapsulation Technology


Qualivita CQ10 is a highly concentrated and microencapsulated blend of natural vitamin C, organic acids, essential oils, copper sulphate and co-enzyme CQ10, used as a feed additive in poultry, swine and aquaculture feeds for the purpose of reducing the challenges of parasites, entero-bacteria, mold in animals, stimulating the immune system and promote growth. 
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AAbout PHARMAPEXPharmapex is a multinational company leading the way in manufacturing, supply and distribution of health-related products both in the U.S. and around the world. We have a leading portfolio of products that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for health-related issues across a broad range of therapeutic areas; and we have an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products that have the potential to challenge some of the most feared health problems of our time.


Our products are handled and managed by six departments, namely: Human Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Consumable, Consumer Healthcare, Nutrition, and Animal Health. Pharmapex also supports certain subsectors within the food and feed industries through its F&F Business Unit. Whether it's analgesics or consumer healthcare, endoscopic surgery or interventional cardiology, feed premixes or diagnostic kits, Pharmapex make products that help people live healthier lives.

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